Friday, April 14, 2017

Mexico Mission Update 4/13

Amazing farewell on all sites. Pray for those making decisions to get baptized tomorrow (today 4/14)

We had an amazing time with Marta as we prayed with her and at Gabriel house! 

Shelby is our young adult leader who knows these sites and people well. 

Pray traveling mercies across the border and sweet sleep in the barn all together tonight!

I have a new boyfriend named Roberto!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mexico Mission Prayer Team update 4/11 (Day 5)

What an incredible day of prayer and ministry. Our partner dinner was a blessed time.  Steven Rozzi & Sharon Seeberger arrived today. Pray for amazing ministry meetings with our partners.
Please pray for our precious sister Marta from Todos Santos.  Her daughter and son-in-law were killed on the freeway 3 days ago.
We are at Day 5 and exhaustion has set in for some and it's been really cold at night! Jackson is doing well but tired by about 3pm. Please continue to pray for his healing. It's been amazing to watch him pray so selflessly for students, leaders and the community. We are watching a miracle unfold in his life! 
Here's a wonderful picture of our prayer time w/a man who suffered a stroke a month ago.  He cried as soon as we walked in the door and He gave his life to Jesus. His daughter said he was always closed to the gospel but not today!!!

Please pray as we head into the final 3 days and baptism decisions for Friday!
I am overwhelmed by what God is doing amazing work in His children!
A huge personal blessing is that a young man who was in my youth group 23 yrs ago (age 17) is now a leader on our team and attends PCC - he's 40, married and has 3 children. A reminder that It's worth every investment we make in students!!