Friday, April 14, 2017

Mexico Mission Update 4/13

Amazing farewell on all sites. Pray for those making decisions to get baptized tomorrow (today 4/14)

We had an amazing time with Marta as we prayed with her and at Gabriel house! 

Shelby is our young adult leader who knows these sites and people well. 

Pray traveling mercies across the border and sweet sleep in the barn all together tonight!

I have a new boyfriend named Roberto!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mexico Mission Prayer Team update 4/11 (Day 5)

What an incredible day of prayer and ministry. Our partner dinner was a blessed time.  Steven Rozzi & Sharon Seeberger arrived today. Pray for amazing ministry meetings with our partners.
Please pray for our precious sister Marta from Todos Santos.  Her daughter and son-in-law were killed on the freeway 3 days ago.
We are at Day 5 and exhaustion has set in for some and it's been really cold at night! Jackson is doing well but tired by about 3pm. Please continue to pray for his healing. It's been amazing to watch him pray so selflessly for students, leaders and the community. We are watching a miracle unfold in his life! 
Here's a wonderful picture of our prayer time w/a man who suffered a stroke a month ago.  He cried as soon as we walked in the door and He gave his life to Jesus. His daughter said he was always closed to the gospel but not today!!!

Please pray as we head into the final 3 days and baptism decisions for Friday!
I am overwhelmed by what God is doing amazing work in His children!
A huge personal blessing is that a young man who was in my youth group 23 yrs ago (age 17) is now a leader on our team and attends PCC - he's 40, married and has 3 children. A reminder that It's worth every investment we make in students!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kopo and Crystal's Adventures: We have arrived!! Let the games begin...

Kopo and Crystal's Adventures: We have arrived!! Let the games begin...: We have arrived! We arrived 2 days ago after 2 long flights. We flew from San Francisco to London and had a 10hr stopover there, which was f...
Ah the joys of being a missionary mom for over 15 years now.  Praying for my baby girl and her hubby! Mom

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My baby girl is getting married & we are going on a mission trip!

August 2012                          

Dear Family & Friends,

In the past few years, God has been doing some amazing things in my life and over the last few months I’ve felt Him calling me in an exciting new direction.  A few months ago I began to feel God calling me to a short-term mission again.  As you know, I do spend quite a bit of time locally serving the Spanish speaking community.  It’s always been a joy to serve God locally and I treasure doing this.  Now I have the privilege of venturing out with a team from my church Peninsula Covenant Church in Redwood City.  Our team will be working in the city of Medellín, Columbia. It is the second biggest city in Colombia, just after the capital city of Bogotá. Over 3 million people live here. Medellín is a colonial city known for manufacturing and as many know drugs. On this trip I will serve with a team, including my daughter Crystal and her soon to be husband Kopo from October 13-22, 2012.  They are a special couple who will serve instead of have an expensive honeymoon! On this trip we will work with missionaries who are working in country serving the people of Colombia.  Some of our projects could include a construction project, Christian Education opportunities, and English classes.   In particular I’m excited to meet some special boys in Casa de Paz.  Here we will play games with the boys, sing songs, and lead arts and crafts and Sports Ministry.  These orphan boys will be loved and cared for and this will be such a delight to serve them.  I anticipate great things coming from this time.

You are receiving this letter because you have been a vital part of my life and I know I can trust you to pray for me.  I’m also hoping you will have the desire to be a part of my “sending” team and financially support me as I go.  Each missionary will be raising $1,700 to cover the cost of the trip, which includes airfare, meals, passport, visa, housing and transportation in country.  God met me and I was able to raise the deposit of $500 by 8/6/12 to secure my spot on the team.  I would love it if you’d prayerfully consider a tax-free gift to make this a reality.  The rest of the funds are due by 10/1.  It is my hearts desire to honor God in this and see where the next part of the journey takes me.  I trust God will speak to you and show you if you are to be a part of my sending/prayer team.  If so it’s pretty easy to give.  In fact, you can give electronically to make it convenient!  My church website has all you’ll need to give a tax-free, secure gift of support for my mission specifically.  I’m looking to raise more than enough to also help the newlyweds raise support too!

Go here:  EFT
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If you would like to meet with me to talk about the trip or give a gift face to face or by mail, you know I’ll make the time to do that!  I have a blog, so will be updating the trip that way.  Thanks for your love and support.  It means the world to me to have you in my life and I mean that with everything I am.  I will follow up with you and send pics of the boys we’ll be serving at the orphanage.  If you wish to be part of my prayer team…I’d love that! 
Blessings - Angie Ibarra, Missionary to the Bay Area & Medellin, Columbia

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We Need To Teach Our Daughters

I'm very grateful for Godly, amazing, wonderful, loving daughters of Destiny.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grateful for the Mama's in my life!

Last week a sweet Spiritual Mother lost her battle with cancer.  Her memorial service was a rush of emotions and memories of such a kind lady in my life.  Saturday welcomed more surprise emotions when driving to the 70th birthday celebration of a friend. Yet another friend had offered to drive, which was good because an overwhelming sense of gratitude hit me as I drove the familiar route to her home. Memories flooded my heart and I was overwhelmed with the thought that this precious lady and her children have also been part of a new family sent to heal my heart. Gayle has loved me (and many) like a daughter and is always kind.  She offered sound, Godly advice, much counsel and at times correction.  Her touch on my life had healed me in ways I didn't understand until Saturday.  During the party, I realized that over 18 years we have shared sweet times of fellowship, fun and hard times.  My family attended all 4 of her daughters weddings.  Each of them have been loving and caring ladies to me and my girls.  Her amazing son has always brought a smile to my face.  Saturday was no different and for that I'm grateful! During the party another sweet Mama graced me with love and caring words as she had over countless days, through many years.  All day I held back tears because the revelation that my new family had poured love over my broken heart filled me with joy. Without my realizing it, God had strategically placed many caring Mama's in my life over the years.  They had been more kind to me than anyone had ever been in my life and are a part of the deep healing God intended. Thank you Lord!  To be graced with wonderful, caring Mama's has helped restore my soul!  More than ever,  I want to be like these ladies and follow their example of love. There is a healing balm that we can offer to others as we allow God’s love to pour from us into the dry and broken places of those He entrusts to us!  The joy of the Lord is now mine in a tangible way and now I can be a Mama to others.  What a joy to be entrusted with caring for others as Jesus did.  The best part is there are still many Mama's caring for me, which gives me courage to care for others. God's design for sure!