Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grateful for the Mama's in my life!

Last week a sweet Spiritual Mother lost her battle with cancer.  Her memorial service was a rush of emotions and memories of such a kind lady in my life.  Saturday welcomed more surprise emotions when driving to the 70th birthday celebration of a friend. Yet another friend had offered to drive, which was good because an overwhelming sense of gratitude hit me as I drove the familiar route to her home. Memories flooded my heart and I was overwhelmed with the thought that this precious lady and her children have also been part of a new family sent to heal my heart. Gayle has loved me (and many) like a daughter and is always kind.  She offered sound, Godly advice, much counsel and at times correction.  Her touch on my life had healed me in ways I didn't understand until Saturday.  During the party, I realized that over 18 years we have shared sweet times of fellowship, fun and hard times.  My family attended all 4 of her daughters weddings.  Each of them have been loving and caring ladies to me and my girls.  Her amazing son has always brought a smile to my face.  Saturday was no different and for that I'm grateful! During the party another sweet Mama graced me with love and caring words as she had over countless days, through many years.  All day I held back tears because the revelation that my new family had poured love over my broken heart filled me with joy. Without my realizing it, God had strategically placed many caring Mama's in my life over the years.  They had been more kind to me than anyone had ever been in my life and are a part of the deep healing God intended. Thank you Lord!  To be graced with wonderful, caring Mama's has helped restore my soul!  More than ever,  I want to be like these ladies and follow their example of love. There is a healing balm that we can offer to others as we allow God’s love to pour from us into the dry and broken places of those He entrusts to us!  The joy of the Lord is now mine in a tangible way and now I can be a Mama to others.  What a joy to be entrusted with caring for others as Jesus did.  The best part is there are still many Mama's caring for me, which gives me courage to care for others. God's design for sure!

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